Contacting The OVMA

For information about Ozark Vintage Motorcycle Association,
how to join, where to go and who to see,
you might try emailing or calling;
Jim Wallace, 479-531-2549

All of us like to see interesting photographs of vintage motorcycles!
If you have something you might like to contribute to the site, like photos or something, you can email them along with a short description, to Jim Wallace, Website Custodian. Make photos at least 800 pixels wide, or so, at 72 dpi, and email them to me as .jpg's. Thats best. If you have a bunch of photos from an event or something, put them on a CD and get it to me. Call me if you have questions (see below).

For any questions, irritations, asthetically pleasing design suggestions, or even gripes about this site,call or email me.
Jim 479-531-2549 email:
It may do some good....may not.

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